Green Chicks Studio is the combined efforts of recycle artists Suzanne Miller and Nikki Cooper. These two artists have dedicated themselves to helping the earth by creating artwork from plastic bottles, cans, newspaper and anything else they can find that can be repurposed. Both started creating their art as a part time business and began exibiting together at art fairs in 2006. In 2012, they opened a studio in downtown Monroe, WI where they created their art, had a retail shop and taught classes. The business evolved into more commercial and commission work so their focus has now shifted to creating art full time and selling primarily at art fairs throughout the region. At the end of 2018, the artists will be closing the downtown location and moving to their private studios. This will streamline their process so they will be able to create more, apply to more art fairs and concentrate on custom work. Visit the exhibit schedule to see where they will be next or contact the artists for custom artwork.

Suzanne Miller
(608) 558-3816

Nikki Cooper
(608) 968-3304

Green Chicks Studio