Of course we can't give away ALL our secrets, but here are the basics.
How It's Made
We start out with plastic bottles, yogurt containers, paper mached balloons, wire, broken pencils and anything else we can scrounge that has a cool shape.
Everything is taped together with duct tape to create an armature.
The armature is covered in fabric mache using old quilting scraps and sheets dipped in our special glue formula. This hardens the armature.
We make our own paper clay from newspaper pulp, glue and other ingredients. This is added to the sculptures for details.
After drying the clay, we add a coating of acrylic mediums to seal the surface and to allow us to draw on fine detail like fur and feathers.
Gesso, acrylic paint and a special varnish complete the sculptures.
These are the same three pieces as seen above in the first picture.