Nikki Cooper
Recycled Artist
(608) 574-7240
Nikki Cooper is primarily a self trained artist who started her artistic career as a high school student creating a weekly comic strip for her local newspaper. After taking many classes to hone her artistic abilities, she discovered a unique way to turn her comical doodles into 3 dimensional sculptures. This recycled art form has become a passion as well as a business for Nikki. Her one of a kind recycled sculptures which she calls Nik-er-Doodles, have been featured in gallery shows, accepted for a national project, and are created for private and art fair sales through Green Chicks Studio. She holds bachelor degrees in animal science and agricultural education. Nikki taught high school agriculture and is actively involved in 4-h youth programs and FFA events. Most recently she teaches art to pre-K through 5th grade at St Victor School in Monroe. Nikki also completed her first children's book, "Johnny McGee and His Sweet Purple Pants.

Get your copy of Nikki Cooper's book, "Johnny McGee and His Sweet Purple Pants" available through Nikki or Little Creek Press. youngadults.php
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