If the "ARTISTS ARE IN" sign is out, we are there! If you are making a special trip, call (608) 558-3816 to make sure we are around!

Gallery Info
1606 11th Street, Suite 2
Monroe, WI 53566
Above the Green Door
on the south side of
Monroe's historic square.
The Green Chicks have officially closed the consignment part of the gallery. Due to the increase in art fairs and commissioned works, we need more time to focus on the art. Our studio will still be up and running at full function and we will continue to offer paint parties and some classes. We will not have posted hours but the "Artists are IN" sign will be out on the door if we are in. There are still some finished pieces on display and available for purchase in the gallery area and now we can host up to 18 people for paint parties!
Custom Sculptures
2017 Exhibit Schedule
We take recycled plastic bottles, neswpaper, wire, quilting scraps and duct tape and turn them into art...
How it's Made
Come up and visit!
Paint Night Parties!
(Similar to Paint Nite and Paint & Pour)
Now at Green Chicks Studio or at your location.
Visit our
Paint Party Page or call Suzanne at 608-558-3816 for more information.
Paint Parties
Check out and see how this cool piece started out!
Phone (608) 558-3816
Get your copy of Nikki Cooper's book, "Johnny McGee and His Sweet Purple Pants" available at Green Chicks Studio or through Little Creek Press. www.littlecreekpress.com/kids_ youngadults.php
Want your book dedicated and signed by the author? Call Nikki (608)574-7240.
Building a Hatter!
Multi-Media Collage Parties
Visit the Paint Party page for more info.